Yoga for Kids, Yoga on YouTube Made Specially for Children

Yoga for Kids, Yoga on YouTube Made Specially for Children

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Yoga for kids is a great exercise to get your child involved in and it can be done at home!

Yoga for kids poseYoga for kids pose

Today I prepared to workout to Jillian Michaels- Ripped in 30. With my husband home I knew I had the ability to get in a good home workout. I decided to invite my son E to exercise with me anyway since I know how much he enjoyed working out with me last time. He was excited to join me. But, he requested to do his “own” exercise, Cosmic Kids Yoga. When he mentioned he wanted to do his exercise, I was on board! I had Jillian Michaels¬†on our tv and yoga on the tablet.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is Yoga for kids on YouTube for free

and its made specially for children. It usually has a theme or story to go along with the yoga session keeping children’s interest. So, side by side we did our own workouts. Yoga is a great way for children to practice flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. It can also be very relaxing! This was the yoga video he chose today. He was very engaged! We had to stop for lunch, but he insisted on finishing the yoga with just a few minutes left.

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