Kids Painting Ideas, Paint a Box, Kids Activities/ Crafts

Kids Painting Ideas, Paint a Box, Kids Activities/ Crafts

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Kids painting ideas can be simple. You can paint on paper, canvas, plates, or even boxes. It keeps it interesting to paint on different surfaces. Painting is a great kids activity giving children the opportunity to be expressive.

Kids Painting Ideas Inspired by Our Future Move.

Kids Painting Ideas  We have an excessive amount of boxes laying around so I wanted to put them to good use (besides packing)! We brought this activity in the backyard on the grass so that I didn’t have to worry about it getting messy in the house! It’s also nice to take the project outdoors for a different working environment.

We used small paint rollers, paint brushes, plates to hold the washable paint and empty boxes. For extra added fun I brought out some glitter and glue. E was very excited to work with the glitter since its not a decoration we use often. Using glitter outside was definitely a plus! I had E wear his smock to protect his clothing.  (The smock was very useful today and has been on many other occasions). 

Cleaning up was easy too. When E decided he was done, we used the hose in the yard to wash the brushes and clean our hands. Little S was napping in her crib which made this activity possible.

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