Work Out Videos, Exercise for Moms, Taking Care of Yourself

Work Out Videos, Exercise for Moms, Taking Care of Yourself

Gross Motor Activities

Work out videos have always been something I’ve enjoyed if I’m not out going for a run. Since having children, workout videos are truly my friend. Getting a set time to exercise for myself or for most moms isn’t easy.

With E off of school the only exercise opportunity is with him. Luckily he’s always very excited to do mommy’s exercises. So here’s my workout buddy and I doing one of my favorite work out videos, Jillian Michaels: Mo More Trouble Zones.

I don’t always have the patience to do this with E, but sometimes you just gotta take some mommy time even if it’s with your little guy! (On a side note, I love Jillian Michaels, before kids doing her workout really helped me with toning. She’s like a personal trainer if you’re willing to click the play button when you’re at home lol). After baby number two, I am hoping to get back in shape using my work out videos and going out for a run here and there.

Benefit for my workout buddy while using work out videos?

He got his energy out inside the house while using his gross motor skills. He saw exercising can be fun. (This may not look too exciting for you or I but to him working out with mommy was great)! And an extra added bonus, as we all know good exercise leads to good sleep! 

Best of all I still got a workout even with E home! Taking some “me” time in the day for ourselves while our children are home won’t hurt our kiddos and will make us better mommies for our children!

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