Sandbox Toys for Toddler Entertainment, Exchanging Sandbox Toys

Sandbox Toys for Toddler Entertainment, Exchanging Sandbox Toys

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Sandbox toys can be a lot of fun. But, eventually it can get boring like any other toy for a toddler! I’ve found that switching out the toys every so often can make for a whole new bundle of fun!

Sandbox ToysAt first we started with beach toys like a shovel and bucket (since that’s what we had at home). Beach toys were okay to start out with especially when my son was just learning to play in the sand. But, we realized pretty quickly beach toys are not so fun to play with in a sandbox. The sand isn’t wet enough to stick together well. (Although based on his expression you’d think these toys were just the greatest thing). Once he got bored of beach toys we thought maybe he had just outgrown the sandbox. Boy we’re we wrong!

Dollar Store Items Make Great Sandbox Toys

I decided to go to the dollar store and pick out some new “toys”. It turns out kitchen utensils and other kitchen items can make for many more hours of sandbox fun at a low cost. If you’re looking for new sandbox toys go to your local $1 store. Pick up serving and slated spoons, a strainer, a pack of funnels, a bowl, and any other kitchen items that could be fun to play with in the sand. Not only are dollar store items entertaining to play with in the sand but also can be good for make believe play.

Try a Sand Wheel Funnel Toy

We also bought “Small World Toys Express (Double Sand Wheel)”. A mesmorizing toy to pour the sand through the funnel and watch the sand spin through the wheels. E was fascinated with this for quite a while and still enjoys playing with it.

Try Bringing Cars or Trucks into the Sandbox

The next toy that I would suggest to try in the sandbox would be different trucks and cars. E actually got a set of small construction trucks as a gift. He found it to be most entertaining in the sandbox.

Sandbox Construction Trucks He picks up little piles of dirt in the different construction truck buckets to fill a big bin. The bin can be a pretend construction site or whatever your little one comes up with. Here is what he came up with today. Also hours of entertainment!

Here are just a few ideas that can keep the sandbox exciting and is great for independent play!

You can apply the idea of switching out toys or items to other places to play, such as in the bathtub.

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