Earth Day for Preschoolers, Simple Project from Materials in Your Home

Earth Day for Preschoolers, Simple Project from Materials in Your Home

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Earth day for preschoolersEarth day for preschoolers can be celebrated in many ways. In honor of Earth Day I wanted to share this very simple project that my son was over the moon about. Reuse materials that would otherwise be thrown out to create an Earth Day project. I can’t take credit, as my son had created this¬†project one evening with his Nanny. (Thanks Nanny)!

Simple Project from Materials in Your Home

When E came home from Nanny and Poppy’s house he told me all the details of the project he had just worked on. If you’ve ever seen a child get a hold of a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll, they just can’t put it down. It’s fun to look through and speak through too! In this case E’s Nanny used an empty aluminium roll which is more appealing in my opinion due to the white tube. But any recycled tube would do. I’m sure your child won’t mind either way. Then have your child color the tube. E used crayon to color the tube. After, give them stickers to decorate the tube and let them go to town! What a great idea to celebrate Earth Day for Preschoolers!

Earth Day for Preschoolers Gives More Opportunity for Make Believe Play

Earth day for preschoolersWhen he was finished he decided the tube was a “telescope”. E insisted I try it too. I must admit, looking through the “telescope” was neat, especially focusing in on the expressions on my sons face.
As you may know (if you’ve seen my other posts) we are big on imaginary play. The “telescope” gave him new ideas for make believe play.

Such a simple project with materials you likely already have in your home, in honor of Earth Day. Happy Earth Day!

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