Magnet Experiments for Kids, Science Experiments

Magnet Experiments for Kids, Science Experiments

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Magnet Experiments for KidsMagnet experiments for kids make great activities since children are naturally attracted to magnets.
E loves to stop by the fridge and dishwasher and play with the magnets we have on display. Often times he is caught rearranging or hanging up projects using the magnets. This gave me the idea to set up a magnet experiment activity.

Try Magnets, toys around the house, and Bar Magnets for magnet experiments for kids.

Magnet Experiments for KidsI decided to grab some magnets (North/South Bar Magnets) I’ve had in storage so E could do some more exploring. At first I just showed him the Bar Magnets and let him experiment with them. The Bar Magnets kept his attention independently for a while.
Later, I gathered magnets and other objects that E could play and experiment with. I took some magnets from the fridge and other magnetic toys or objects laying around the house. I also added a few non-magnetic items that had metal parts, such as a paintbrush. That way he could see not all metals are magnetic. Lastly, I added some toys with no magnets.

We used his journal to make predictions whether the items were magnetic. If he thought the items were magnetic I had him draw a check mark in the column. If he guessed they were not magnetic he drew an X. I prepared the check marks and X’s as we went so he could trace over them. Afterward in a separate column he used the check marks and X’s as he tested his predictions.  

What will your child notice when doing magnet experiments for kids?

Magnet Experiments for KidsMagnet Experiments for KidsOne of E’s favorite parts was when he found out that the binder ring and toy trains were magnetic and he could make them spin as they were connected. He also found it fascinating that the Bar Magnets could stick to our dining room chair legs. He enjoyed watching the Bar Magnets slide down the chair leg as they repelled against each other. 

This activity took minimal time to prepare. It did take some time for me to decide what I wanted to do with the magnets and how I wanted to proceed with the activity. I’ve laid it out for you, so give it a try! I don’t think you will find yourself or your child disappointed! I’ve found doing activities that require some investigative work, turn out to be some of the best ones. 

In this activity E had the chance to further explore the pull of magnets and practice the scientific method. He also was able to practice pre-writing skills. Although he may have not fully understood each concept it’s important to expose young children to many different opportunities. Playing independently as well as spending time with mommy was a bonus!

Magnets are a lot of fun, even as an adult!

If you would like to do some more investigative work with your child on magnets, check out Kids Science Experiments- Magnetism for more great ideas!

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