A great place for kids, We Rock the Spectrum Boca Raton

A great place for kids, We Rock the Spectrum Boca Raton

Gross Motor Activities
A great place for kidsWe Rock the Spectrum, a kids gym in Boca Raton makes a great place for kids to play and explore. It is not your typical kids gym due to the awesome and specially designed equipment. In addition to unique gym equipment, children will enjoy different play areas meeting a variety of interests. They also have a separate room where they hold classes. There’s no place like We Rock in Boynton Beach therefore we find the 25 minute travel to Boca Raton worth the ride!
Open Play at We Rock allows children to explore a variety of play areas and have full use of their gym equipment. Why is Open Play so appealing at We Rock? Even if you’re frequent visitors like we are, your child will have many activities to choose from. From a parent and teacher viewpoint, We Rock is appealing for many reasons. One of the most attractive things about We Rock is that it targets children with different needs.

A great place for kids to further their motor skills on unique gym equipment and different play areas.

To start, We Rock is great for children that are highly active and are always on the move. One of my sons favorite activity for years has been the trampoline. The trampoline is netted all around for children’s safety. We Rock staff even invites parents on the trampoline. As a result, parents have the ability to join their  young ones who may be experiencing the trampoline for the first time.

           a great place for kids    a great place for kids
There are many ways children get physical activity at We Rock with climbing, crawling, jumping, and zipping options. Your child can explore the ropes wall, stairs to a slide, monkey bars, and adorable kids exercise machines. We Rock has a mini treadmill, exercise bike, and elliptical similar to equipment you’d see in an adults gym! One of my favorites, is to watch children ride on the zip line! Watching your child ride the zip line is simply priceless the first time and even the tenth time too! Suspended climbing, hanging, and swinging equipment are also a part of We Rock’s dynamite gym. As you can see, We Rock is especially great for active children! The physical activities We Rock offers is excellent for building your child’s leg and core muscles. While having fun at We Rock your child will get their physical activity and practice their gross motor skills.
            a great place for kids     a great place for kids
The craft area with a giant chalk board, play dough, scissors and other craft accessories is a great spot for children to get creative and work on their fine motor skills! The assortment of puzzles, accessorised kitchen, toys, and building blocks allow for your child’s endless imagination.

We Rock the Spectrum is a great place for ALL kids!

A great place for kids
               Neat sensory and activity board
One of the best things about We Rock is that ALL children are welcome! According to the owners of We Rock the Spectrum, the Field’s family explains what makes their facility special is that its geared for children with sensory processing disorders, but makes a great place for any child. The Fields Family describes We Rock as a sensory oriented gym with therapeutic equipment. Parents with children who have autism, can finally bring their child to a safe place where they can have fun too. We Rock is playing such an important role in our community, especially in giving support to families with special needs. I love that through play, We Rock allows all children to learn and interact together despite our differences.
The family staff at We Rock is clearly dedicated. They are always very friendly and constantly working on keeping the gym tidy. We Rock family is always changing the gym around to keep things exciting and keep you coming back for more!
When I tell my son were going to We Rock, his face lights up, and he cheers with excitement! I hope you find We Rock the Spectrum in Boca Raton to be as exceptional a place as my family has.
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