What is the best baby carrier? Baby K’tan Carrier

What is the best baby carrier? Baby K’tan Carrier

What is the best baby carrier? I am often asked, What is the best baby carrier? Today I’m going to share with you my favorite baby carrier that I use with my daughter- the Baby K’tan Carrier. I will explain what makes baby wearing practical for me and if you would like to learn how to use the carrier you can view the video below.

Today, I finally felt compelled to write about the carrier and make a video on the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier since my daughter was having trouble napping. When I picked her up from her crib and put her in the K’tan carrier she instantly stopped crying and was content. This has been a lifesaver for me! I’ve used the Baby K’tan wrap since she was a newborn and she is now almost 5 months old.

How to use the Baby K’tan Carrier

So let me show you how easy this carrier is to use. You may need to watch the video a few times and do it with me to get comfortable putting it on. So feel free to pause and rewind as needed. In the video I also show what it looks like done at my regular speed, when I’m in a hurry to pickup my son.

Be sure to follow all the safety procedures recommended by the manufacturer and get correct sizing. Correct sizing is key for comfort and the safety of your baby. Your baby should be very snug on you. You should be able to easily kiss your baby’s head when she sits in the carrier. When a friend passed on her beloved Baby K’tan Baby Carrier to me I knew the medium was not the right fit since I wasn’t able to easily kiss her head and she just wasn’t fitting snuggly.

Reasons the K’tan is the Best Baby Carrier:

For its Comfort

  • Its comfortable for my baby- She’s always enjoyed sleeping in it especially as a newborn, but also likes to hang out in it too.
  • Its supports my babies body and has allowed me to carry her as a newborn unlike other baby carriers I’ve tried with my son.
  • It also does a good job in supporting my back.

I also love the baby carrier for convenience

  • The K’tan allows me to be hands free when playing with my son, running errands, or doing things around the house. I especially love baby wearing as I grocery shopping.
  • It’s very simple to put on. I can wear my baby in under a minute (seen in the video).
  • Using the K’tan carrier in crowded places is comforting. I personally don’t like strolling my baby around in places where there are a lot of people. For example I find it difficult/ frustrating when trying to get around an outdoor festival with a clunky stroller. This also limits strangers being handsy on my baby. You know what I mean?

The carriers price point is awesome!

  • The 49.95 price on Amazon is very reasonable and well worth the money. Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out.

The Ktan is also great for the option of 6 carrying positions.

  • (I’m currently just using the hug position with my daughter) But I look forward to trying some different positions soon, as she gets older.

I also love the K’tan carrier for its design.

  • The 100% soft cotton fabric is machine washable. When used often the carrier will stretch a bit. But, if the fabric feels too loose, you can wash it and it will shrink back to its original fit. I’m also grateful I have the ability to wash it since my daughter is prone to spitting up.
  • The carrier is fashionable too! The fabric can be bought in different colors. I have the denim one and happen to think it’s very cute.

The K’tan allows for special bonding time between you and your child.

What is the best baby carrier?
Baby S as a newborn cozy in the K’tan Carrier
  • There’s nothing more special then holding your baby close especially in those first few weeks after your baby is born. The K’tan enables Mommy to hold her infant and soothe her baby.

Have you used the Baby K’tan Carrier before? What’s your favorite carrying position with your baby?

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

Babies are like little sponges. As you hold your baby close in her carrier opportunities to teach her are everywhere. Visit my last post, How Children Learn From Parents: Making Daily Interactions Meaningful if you’d like to incorporate learning opportunities into your child’s daily moments.

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