The 5 Best Movement Songs For Preschoolers, Gross Motor Skills

The 5 Best Movement Songs For Preschoolers, Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Activities
Looking for a boredom buster that will engage your high energy preschooler? Music is a great way to get preschoolers moving, learning, and having fun! As your toddler grows it’s important to have activities that allow your child to practice his gross motor skills. Silly songs like these will help your child’s big muscle movements become more coordinated and refined. Here is a little about these 5 great movement songs for preschoolers and the benefits for your child.

I’m Going on a Bear Hunt is a great song for getting your child moving and helping him use his imagination.

Throughout the song your child takes an imaginary adventure on the search to find a bear. If your child hasn’t heard the song before, have him follow along with your arm and body movements as you pretend to take the adventure. If you’re not sure of the movements make them up as you go. Your child won’t mind and will enjoy your silly efforts.


Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes makes another great song to dance around the house to.

Pete the Cat steps in different things that make his shoes change colors. We just do a silly walk/dance pretending to show off our new color shoes.  This is a great song for your preschooler to recognize cause and effect along with staying active and lots of giggles.


Listen and Move tells your child to walk, gallop, tip toe, run, skate, and hop to different sounds.

Then the song asks you to do the same movements again, only this time you need to remember what movement each sound corresponds to. Along with getting your child’s heart rate up, he will have to pay close attention to what the sounds mean when they play.


The Goldfish Song is another favorite to get children moving!

When I taught preschool the children adored this song and it was a great song to incorporate into an ocean theme for gross motor purposes. This song is fun to move to and will have your children laughing at the same time.


Lastly, Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum is a great song for children to get their hands moving from one body part to another.

Children laugh as they imagine the bubblegum getting stuck to the different body parts you name. They  especially love the part of the song when the bubblegum gets “unstuck” and you make a pop sound with your mouth. Once you get the hang of how this song goes you can sing it anywhere and include other body parts not mentioned in the song. It’s also fun to involve your preschooler in picking a body part the bubblegum will stick to next. This is a good song to incorporate into an All About Me theme for preschoolers to develop body awareness.


Next time your child is filled with energy try these 5 fun-filled movement songs with your toddler or preschooler!

Dancing to the songs with your child will be filled with laughter and good bonding time too. It makes a great rainy day activity. In fact, when we were stuck inside the house as we waited for a potential hurricane to arrive we danced to some of these tunes. I was glad to have these songs in my back pocket. (It certainly brought smiles to our faces when we needed it). I hope you enjoy these silly action songs to get your preschooler moving.

What are some of your favorite movement songs for preschoolers?

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