Backyard Inspired Paintings

Backyard Inspired Paintings

Backyard inspired Paintings


Sparking your preschoolers interest

Backyard inspired paintings can be influenced in many ways. A fun way to do this is if you have access to a fruiting plant. If not, its certainly never too late to start a garden! However, some other ideas that may inspire your little one is some passing ducks, an ant pile, a fallen seed/nut or a flower in your yard. See what your child’s interests are. What does he recognize about the subject? How can you build onto what he already knows to make it a brain building moment?

A Miracle Fruit is an amazing plant that my son was able to pick from our tree out back. After tasting the fruit, we talked about how special the plant is for its ability to make citrus fruits taste sweet. He was able to experience this first hand. We explored tasting different fruits after eating the Miracle Fruit by his request.  Afterward, we took the paints on the patio and began painting. I suggested we paint a Miracle Fruit together. Although the fruiting plant was not in front of us, he recalled the brown branches and the round red fruits. In addition to the fruits, he also decided to paint a Blue Bird and Cardinal he saw in the yard earlier that morning.

Protect the floor or table using your Mess Mat (or other covering for easy clean up). A plastic plate makes a great paint pallette and can be washed to reuse again. Using Crayola Washable Paint is nice to work with for its bright colors, but you can use water color paints as well. Different sized construction paper (9″ x 12″ construction paper and 17″ x 20″ large construction paper) is a nice option to have available.

I wonder what will inspire your child’s backyard paintings?

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