Cheerio Bird & Squirrel Feeder

Cheerio Bird & Squirrel Feeder

Nature Craft

Materials Needed:


Begin by twisting the bottom of the pipe cleaner so that the Cheerios or looped cereal will not fall off. Place some Cheerios in a container for your little one to pick up and string onto the pipe cleaner. This is great practice and takes coordination for your toddler to pick up a single Cheerio and place it on the pipe cleaner. Pipe cleaners rigid edge makes it easier for your child to thread on the Cheerios. Once the pipe cleaner is almost full with Cheerios, twist the ends together.

Nature Craft

Nature Craft

Your child can stop at one pipe cleaner or if he is really into the craft, making a Cheerio pipe cleaner chain can be lots of fun too. What’s neat about pipe cleaners is you can bend them into a desired shape. As my son completed each pipe cleaner, he thought of different shapes he wanted to make them.

Where to Hang Your Feeder

Nature CraftUse some string or ribbon to hang your feeder on a branch. You may also hang the feeder on your fence like we did. We found it helpful to use a ziptie around the top of the fence, then some yarn to attach the feeder. Little did we know, we would have a squirrel visit the feeder we made that evening. It was quite exciting and entertaining to see the squirrel nibble at the Cheerio feeder (of course from a distance). Always keep your distance from wild animals!

Other Cherrio Ideas

Nature Craft

We’ve also strung Cheerios onto a string to eat. In fact we took our Cheerio necklace to snack on at a movie imitating the Candy Necklaces. (Remember those)!

Another great activity for toddlers is to stick a pipe cleaner into play dough to hold it upright. This will make it easy for your toddler to add the Cheerios. Then add the looped cereal to the pipe cleaner.

For both ideas above you can use Fruit Loops or colored cereal to make different patterns.



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