Fall Favorite Activities

Fall Favorite Activities

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year! (Even if we don’t get the real feel here in Florida). Fall also has the most beloved holiday, (bringing back treasured memories as a child) Halloween! Here are my top six fall favorite activities to do throughout the month of October with toddlers or preschoolers.

1. Acorn Collecting

Fall Favorite Activities
My son lights up each time he spots an acorn as if he has found a golden treasure. This may be because of a tradition he’s begun when he visits his Nanny’s house. They collect acorns when they go for walks in the neighborhood. But nonetheless, we have gotten into the spirit too! With the bagful of acorns he comes home with, we needed a special spot to collect them. Last year at the dollar store I found a perfect place for him to store his treasures, pictured above.

2. Acorn Stamping

Fall Favorite Activities
Speaking of acorns, a fun activity to do using acorn tops is to dip them in paint to make a picture. It is great for fine motor skills as your child will need to grasp the tiny tops between their fingers to create their work. Last year my son loved filling a large piece of paper with tiny circles. This year I plan on extending the activity to make patterns. Older children can also use the tiny circles to create a picture.


3. Decorating the House

Fall Favorite Activities
Decorating the house is a fun way to celebrate that Fall and Halloween have arrived. Over the years I’ve collected window clings from the $1 section in Target, such as sayings with “Welcome Fall” or “Happy Halloween,” fall leaves, and a skeleton to name a few. The Dollar Tree also has some great decorations that are fun to hang with tape. My son and I love to find places around the house to hang the decorations.
Each year, we also pick up small pumpkins (Pie Pumpkins) for my sons party favors since his birthday is in the month of October. My son also enjoys decorating the leftover pumpkins from his party with these silly foam sticker faces. (They’re always a big hit)! We place other items around the house such as a variety of gourds and Halloween snow globes.

4.  Pumpkin painting

Fall Favorite Activities
Painting pumpkins of different sizes are also lots of fun and perfect my sons age! We especially enjoy painting small pumpkins (Jack-Be-Little and Pie Pumpkins). He loves to mix the colors on the pumpkins to see how they’ll come out. My husband and I also really enjoy adding our creative touches to the pumpkins too! The colorful pumpkins also brighten up our festive decor around the house.

5. Haunted Halloween Gingerbread House

Fall Favorite Activities

This was such a fun activity! Making a house with candy!! What could be better? They actually sell these at Publix for $10 (a great price)! These were SO fun especially for someone whose never made a Gingerbread house. Our whole family joined in on the fun!

6. Colored Corn Kernel Pictures

Fall Favorite Activities
Corn Kernels can be colored any time of the year but I enjoy saving this activity for Fall. Instructions on dyeing corn kernels can be found here (where Mary Katherine gives some excellent step by step instructions). Dyeing corn kernels takes a bit of time, but once you make them you will have plenty for years to come.

I brought in colored corn kernels for my three and four year olds when I taught preschool and they loved using the kernels for imaginative play too! At home my son and I enjoy making different pictures. I ask my son what he’d like to make and I draw out the picture using glue. Then he adds the colorful corn kernels to finish the picture.

Don’t let this season pass by before getting creative and doing some simple Fall activities with your children. Making Fall memories with your family will prove to be worth while!

Do you have a favorite activity you do with your children over the Fall? Please share with me, we would love to add some new ideas to our tradition!

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