Sensory Sand Play Treasure Hunt

Sensory Sand Play Treasure Hunt

Sensory Sand Play Treasure Hunt

Is it worth having a sandbox?

Often times I’m asked by other moms, is it really worth having a sandbox? Concerns of sand dragging into the house or a waste of space are issues that are brought up. To be honest, before we found this sandbox put out for trash from one of our neighbors, we had similar feelings! Looking back, I’m so glad my son has had the opportunity to have sand play in our home! It is a great go to activity especially when he’s looking for something fun to do without someone by his side to play with. If you don’t have a sandbox consider getting one or designating a container big or small to hold the sand, like this DIY sandbox from Stuff Parents Need.  You can find sand at your local hardware store or have the sand delivered to your doorstep.

Sandbox Play with a fall theme

Sensory play sandbox treasures

This is such an easy activity to set up and can be hours of fun! Simply collect small items around the house to bury beneath the sand. Children will love the idea of scooping, pouring, sifting, and collecting these special treasures engaging their small and large motor skills and hand eye coordination. This activity is a lot of fun and will make a great independent play time activity.


  • Sandbox or container filled with sand
  • Sifter
  • Cup for scooping
  • Items such as shells, coins, rocks, paperclips, toothpicks, beans, buttons, twisty ties, googly eyes or corks (think any small objects around the house)
  • Babyfood jar or other container to hold treasures

You may be wondering how these items could pass as treasures, but if you play along so will your child.

Sensory Sand Play Ideas

Keep the Sandbox Exciting

Switching out toys for sand play is very important to keep sandbox play alive in your home. I just wrote a guest post on the site, Growing Hands on Kids, about a simple fall themed sensory sand play idea. You can visit my post here: Fall Themed Sandbox Sensory Play. I gaurentee your child will love this fall activity filled with buried surprises!

Sensory Sand Play Treasure Hunt

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