Grocery List Printable- Making Shopping More Efficient

Grocery List Printable- Making Shopping More Efficient

Grocery Shopping List Printable

Shopping with children

Shopping with a baby or toddler has its challenges. When you bring along a baby and toddler in a grocery store it certainly is a juggle and can be quite distracting. I have been looking for a grocery list printable for sometime now that could make weekly shopping easier and more pleasant. Shopping with children is the ultimate race against time! Having an organized list can really help save time from running back and fourth to aisles you’ve already visited. So, for this week, here is a grocery list in hopes to improve your shopping experience and save you time.

A grocery list that will keep you organized

The shopping list was laid out and influenced by where I shop weekly, Publix. So, if you happen to shop there too, I think you will find the list rather helpful. You can get your FREE grocery list printable here! Although, each Publix and grocery store are set up differently, the sections on the list are categorized in a thoughtful manner. The template is organized to include each part of a traditional supermarket regardless of where you shop.

After being unsatisfied with other grocery lists I’ve found online, I decided to create my own. If you’re still using pen and paper like me, I hope you find this template useful and efficient. Please let me know if it fits your needs too!

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2 thoughts on “Grocery List Printable- Making Shopping More Efficient

  1. I think we should all make an effort to make lists before we go out shopping, I know the few times I think i just need to pick something quick,rush in without a list.
    Once inside the super market, I feel confused and end up buying things I do not really need.

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