Best Gifts for 3 & 4 Year Olds That Will Last

Best Gifts for 3 & 4 Year Olds That Will Last

The Best Gift for 3 & 4 Year OldsThat Will Last!

Here are the best gifts to get for a 3-4 year old in my experience. These are gifts that will get so much use and really last. All of these gifts we have at home and have been used and loved by my family. Check out all 14 gifts that your child will go back to again and again. Many of these gifts were given to my son as young as two.


Aquabeads Deluxe Studio is a bead art craft that your child can get very creative with. The bead art is made using different designs by following a template. Once the design is complete, spraying water on the beads activates them to stick together making a type of 3D art. My son flew through each template provided. But not to worry, there are other ways for him to create an image. You can find more patterns online to print or draw some simple pictures upon his request. Aquabeads is great for concentration and fine motor skills with endless possibilities. I love this toy since it is something we can work on together, but also makes a very engaging independent play activity for your child. Aquabeads is a craft your child will spend hours creating new patterns.

Dinosaur Eggs

Mindware’s Dig it Up Dinosaur Eggs are filled with 12 dinosaur surprises. If your child is anything like mine, the surprises will keep him coming back for more. Your child will get the chance to dig into 12 dinosaur eggs like a real paleontologist to reveal different dinosaurs. Once the dinosaur is found he can match it to the excavation guide and identify each specie. Make believe play with the miniature dinosaurs is a lot of fun once they are all revealed. The dinosaur eggs would make a great party activity since they are individually packaged each with their own chisel.


Building with Magna-Tiles is another toy to let your imagine run with. Besides creating flat images, you can also create 3D shapes, buildings, castles or cars. Magna-Tiles is an open-ended toy that lends itself to endless options. It can be fun to add a few figurines or even the Dig it Up Dinosaurs for a change in purpose as he builds.

Kids Camera

The VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera is such a cool device for a child to explore. The opportunity to take pictures and record video is really special. The camera includes games to play, with a parental control setting allowing parents to limit or disable the games. Taking selfies, pictures of family and friends, and recording silly videos have been a hit with my son! The camera has so many awesome features and is perfect for little hands. Having a camera for your child during the holidays can help him capture special memories through his eyes.


Marble Set

A Marble Set is another toy with many possibilities. Setting up the marble structure is fun to build, take apart, and build again. Dropping the marbles from the top of the structure and watching them fall down to the bottom is fascinating. A Marble Set is another toy that will get hours of use and can be fun as a family or on his own.

Couch for Kids

For a long time, I wanted a couch for my son to lounge on as we read stories together or as we played in his play room. I searched for a while until I finally found the Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat and Ootoman that I fell in love with. This couch is really neat because it can also fold down to become a bed. Although I wouldn’t recommend this for a long-term bed for your child to sleep on, my son loves to snooze on his couch during nap time. The couch is very soft, easy to wipe clean, and quite comfortable. It is very sturdy and has really held up well even with some toddler rough play.

Art Easel

The Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel was a gift my son received at two and is still one that gets so much use. It makes a great place for art supply storage and is also an awesome working space for my son to paint, draw, or make sticker art. The easel can grow with your child replacing different items in the baskets that are age appropriate. Every playroom should have a creative workspace and an easel is a perfect fit for that.

Building Blocks

Foam Wonder Blocks is another great open-ended toy that has been years of fun! Towers, castles, parking garages, and cities are just some of the structures we’ve created using these bright colored blocks. The foam blocks are perfect to begin exploring at a young age since they are safe. No need to worry about the tall structure falling on someone. I look forward to using these blocks with my baby girl too. The foam blocks will foster your child’s creativity and their ability to problem solve.


Having a sandbox on your patio is another entertaining space that will be years of fun! We’ve also had the Step2 Play and Store Sandbox with Cover since my son was 1 1/2 years old. There are so many possibilities with a sandbox. As your child plays in the sand he will learn as he uses his fine motor skills, creativity, and sensory processing to name a few. Adding different items to the sandbox will help keep it exciting. If you’re wondering what to add to your sandbox, check out my article on Sandbox Toys for Toddler Entertainment.

Highlights Magazine Subscriptions

Highlights Magazine Subscription is a magazine that we have subscribed to since my son was two. The magazines are age appropriate and have some wonderful learning opportunities. The High Five Highlights Magazine Subscription for 3-5 year olds exposes children to different types of writing, such as comics, poems and stories. They also have games such as I Spy, What’s Silly?, or matching. Receiving a magazine in the mail each month will be something your child will look forward to all year long.


Getting around on a bicycle is the most thrilling activity for a child. Biking as a family with our son is a special activity we enjoy in the outdoors. Even with training wheels, children can go quite fast. Using a bike will be beneficial as he gets his exercise, focuses on balancing, and uses his gross motor skills.

Cash Register

The Fisher Price Cash Register is fun for pushing buttons and practicing life experiences. Make believe play with a cash register will really make play time come alive. Learning opportunities especially math related and social skills are some of the benefits of getting a cash register.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is the most sensational sensory play activity! This unique sand has the most wonderful texture to it as you play. Kinetic sand is another toy that your child can get very creative with. The sand can hold the shape of whatever it is in. So, using play dough toys or cookie cutters can be fun to incorporate. Watch your child light up as they feel kinetic sand and see its magical properties!

Lego Set

Lastly, an oldie, but a goodie! Legos! Lego Sets where your child is given instructions to build a particular project is great for so many reasons. My son loved the lego kits he received when he was two years old and it has been very neat to see him advance to the smaller legos and see his abilities grow even more. Katie from Preschool Inspirations explains why legos are so important and an amazing toy for young children!

I decided to create this list because when birthdays and holidays approach, my family is always coming to me asking what my son would enjoy receiving. Sometime as parents, were not so sure what to suggest because we haven’t gotten to that stage yet. Hopefully this will be a helpful gift guide for your 3 or 4 year old. Receiving one of these 14 items for your child will be long lasting and hours of fun!

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6 thoughts on “Best Gifts for 3 & 4 Year Olds That Will Last

  1. These are such great ideas. What I like most is that the majority of these are things that my children would not get bored with easily. My daughter has the marble and pulls it out every few weeks and it keeps her entertained. I know many kids would love the easel. I also appreciate them taking a break from technology to play with good, old-fashioned toys!

    1. Thank you! Thats why I was excited to put this list together! Many of these items are unique toys that will truly get so much use! And we can all use a break from time to time! Having these toys at home are ones that parents and children can really appreciate!

    1. Thank you for commenting! Oh yes! We get so much use from the sandbox! Not sure how old your little one is, but we’ve had ours since my son was one and a half and at 4 its still a big hit! I can’t wait till my baby is ready to play in there too! Here are some free or inexpensive ideas that are hours of fun for kids to play with in the sandbox!

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