Scavenger Hunt Activity Great for Juggling Baby & Toddler!

Scavenger Hunt Activity Great for Juggling Baby & Toddler!

Scavenger Hunt Activity Great for Juggling Baby and Toddler

Creating a scavenger hunt for toddlers is super simple and a whole lot of fun!

A scavenger hunt around the house is super easy to setup with a preparation time of 5 minutes or less. If you have a toddler and a baby like me, you probably need exciting activities for your older kid that will keep them entertained and engaged too. If thats the case put this activity on your morning or afternoon schedule because your toddler will love it and so will you!

For this activity simply draw pictures of different items around your house. Think of common items your child can find around the house, such as toilet paper, toy car, socks, toothpaste, etc.. Maybe throw in some more difficult items he may or may not know where to find, such as a screwdriver or tongs. In the next column, draw checkmarks next to each object. Before you send him on his way, ask him what each item on the list is. Describe the drawing if he is not sure of one. At times, I will add a specific detail such as a blue car. I like to give my son a special basket to hold his items, just for scavenger hunts 😉 but any bag or container would do.

Can’t think of any scavenger hunt items to put on the list? Here are 15 objects to get your started!

  • underwear
  • napkin
  • brush/comb
  • tape
  • crayon
  • string
  • block
  • hat
  • lotion
  • pillow
  • stuffed animal/baby doll
  • fork/spoon
  • shoe
  • hanger
  • ball

Reviewing each item and the clean up challenge.

Once your child thinks he has collected all the items, have him pull out one item at a time and match it to the drawing. Now he can practice his writing skills by tracing the check marks you prepared for him. Once he has completed the scavenger hunt, have him return the items too! Challenge him to return each item in the place where he found it within 3 minutes. Toddlers love racing against time! You’d be surprised just how exciting the putting away process can be too!

A scavenger hunt around the house will get your toddler moving, playing independently, using his memory, and practicing pre-writing skills, all while giving you the chance to entertain your baby too!  I hope your family enjoys this activity as much as we do. Do you have a simple fun activity for toddlers that makes juggling two kiddos a little easier? If so, please share!!

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