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About Me


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My name is Jeannie, wife to my fun-loving husband Andrew. We dated in high school and have grown up together. Fast forward 13 years and we now have a beautiful family of four. I am a mother to two children my son born in 2013 and my daughter born in 2017.

Before my son arrived I taught as an elementary school teacher. When my son was ready to go to Preschool I taught as a preschool teacher and learned even more about working with children. Having the opportunity to teach preschool was such a great decision and gift for myself and my family.

I love to be creative and enjoy sharing and exploring different ideas I do with my son. Therefore, you will see me write about arts and crafts, science experiments, being active, and a variety of other activities we like to do together.

Parenting has its challenges. Therefore, I like to share tips that have been helpful to me in my experience of teaching and raising my own children in hopes to help others too. Check out my blog for more tips and ideas when it comes to working with children.

Here are some thing you can find on my blog:

Gross motor Activities

Educational Activities

Easy Kid-Friendly Arts and Crafts Activities

Parenting Tips and Ideas

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